Featured in local Art Magazine „BOGART“

This month started great. Not only with a big photoshooting (i will post about this later) but also with my work featured in a local art magazine called BOGART.
It features local artists, most of them based in Gießen (where I went to school for years). From Photographers to painters and comic artists: This Magazine has the who-is-who of our local artists.
And so i’m very proud and honoured that I the cover of this issue is made by me.
It’s my second cover on a magazine. And I’m still totaly over the moon.

The cover image was taken back in 2012 for my exhibition.
Model is the beautyful Elena, Hair and Make-up are done by my lovely Teammembers Dòri & Maddy.
D’ori is featured in the magazine with her paintings, too.

2014-03-04 17.34.25


You can see the complete BOGART issue 19 on:

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