2013, a retrospective

I realized I never had so problems writing a retrospective like this one. 2013 was more a personal year then a photographers year for me. I spend a lot of time this year with friends and family instead of thinking about new shootings. One of my new years resolution is to change this and shooting more in 2014.
but for now: Here’s my retrospective of 2013:

The january started like 2012 ended: with an article about me and my first cover shoot for TattooStyle Magazine.

This really feels like it was a century ago.
In the end of january I shoot, together with my lovable team: Maddy, Dóri, Julia and Loraine the „Summer of 63“ theme. It was for a magazine competition. Sadly it’s cold and snowy in the january here in Germany so we had to shoot in the studio. i think I will reshoot this theme someday in the summer, outdoor, maybe on a beach.

one of the finished images:

You can see the full story here: http://kiarablack.de/blog/?p=864

In february and march I had a lot of shootings, but –except one – all client shoots, so i’m not able to show you the results. But there was one testshooting for „Favorite Models & Actors“. Most of the Models I work with are from this agency.
Lovely Lucia needed new photos for her sedcard.

And I was featured in the premier issue of Eccentric Edge Magazine with my „Lipstick Jungle“ editorial.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-26 um 21.43.01

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-26 um 21.43.08

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-26 um 21.43.17

In May i had the last big shooting for this year. I planned it years ago but never had the chance to really shoot it. Till this year. My lovely Maddy helped me with the re-planning of the shooting. Well, I told her from my idea and what I wanted to shoot and she organized it nearly alone. She found amazing clothes for the shooting. It’s so amazing to have a person who know exactly what you want and need for a shooting. Over an old school friend I get in touch with an owner of a garage in the industrial area we liked to use for the shoot, because we needed a kind of a basis-camp for the clothes, and electricity so that we could do Hair and Make-up.

And the finished images:
You can see the full story here: http://kiarablack.de/blog/?p=874

The rest of the year i hadn’t the time for personal shootings.
Summertime was festival time. Maddy, Bella (Bella Müller Fotografie) and I enjoyed the „Golden Oldies“

My village celebrated it’s 700 year anniversary and I was a responsible person ( together with a lot more people) for it. My personal highlight on this weekend was our medieval market.
1098449_10201799923180329_1971944617_n 945122_3168073016810_313477622_n

In autumn I made my first steps as a baby photographer. The model was my sweet little goddaughter. She’s such a little sunshine.

During christmas time, my little Luna was my favorite Model under the christmas tree.

And that was my photographer year 2013. I really hope I’ll have more time for personal shoots in 2014.
I’ll have two, maybe three exhibitions during the year and I hope this will not be the only opportunity in the next 12 month.
I wish you all an amazing new year.

2013-12-07 18.51.27-2


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