Quick Holiday Update

A few of you know that I spend my vacation in Rome this year. And I made a lot of images ( as always on vacation).
But today I’m only showing you a few of the pictures I took with my Hipstamatic. Because I fall in Love with this app again.
I totally love the mood and look of these images.
2013-09-10 16.45.39 2013-09-10 16.56.542013-09-11 11.03.422013-09-11 14.50.512013-09-11 14.52.212013-09-11 15.13.142013-09-11 17.07.272013-09-12 12.57.012013-09-13 12.13.422013-09-14 11.39.062013-09-14 13.09.052013-09-14 13.25.482013-09-15 12.23.53-2

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