Behind the Scenes – Emerald Shooting

After nearly 4 weeks without any photography work I started yesterday my „shooting-month“. I will have a shooting every week this month and that will mean a lot of retouching work for me the next weeks. Yesterday we did a beauty shooting. Themed „Emerald“ cause it’s the color of the year. Unfortunately our team was a bit smaller then usual, cause Maddy is on vacation right now. ( Enjoy the snow in austria sweety!)
Model was Lucia from Favorite Models. Make-up by Dóri. And we’ve gut special guests in the last minutes of the shootings. Very fluffy and cute guests^^

_MG_7072 _MG_7142 _MG_7172 _MG_7179 _MG_7276 _MG_7305 _MG_7282

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