Flyer and Newspaper

Printed stuff this time.
First of all in our local newspaper are 8 portraits I made a week ago for a model competition in my hometown.
Tomorrow will be the competition.

The second one is the flyer for fashion designer Stefanie Joachim I shooted a few weeks ago.
Love it so much!
Design is made by me too and it was printed at Pulverich-Druck GmbH

Shooting for Fashion Designer Stefanie Joachim

Earlier this year i had a meeting with a local fashion designer to show her my portfolio and maybe get her as a new client.

A few weeks ago she called me and we had a meeting.

Today was the shooting for her new Flyer.

Todays creative team:

Model: Jana @ Favorite models

MUA: Ina Weiershäuser

Assistent: Angelique Chantal

Designer: Stefanie Joachim

We meet us at the Atelier for Hair & Make-up and a short briefing.

After a fitting we drove to the location.

We had a little trouble there, because the Designer and me misunderstood us so so was on the wrong location.

One of the points because noone of us will forgett this shooting^^

After a little waiting time and a phone call later we meet us on the right location and started with the shooting.