Gautschfest ( couching festival)

Yesterday I had, together with 10 of my classmates, my big ceremonial.
The „Gautschfest“ ( couching festival) at Neu Ansbach at the „Hessenpark“
It’s an very old tradition for Mediadesigner and Printer.
It started that the „Kornut“ ( that was me and my classmates) will be put at a stool with a wet sponge. Then „Spongeholder“ makes you wet with an other sponge over your head. After this 2 people catch you and let you fall in a tub full of water ( and it was cold!) and will dump two bucket full of water over your head again.
I screamed like someone wanna kill me XD But it was so funny!!!!

A few pics from the day:

At the morning, we meet us in a Café at the Hessenpark for: COFFEE

The tub:

Testing the water and looking around the gallery:

Big dinner for us.

Here we are: All 11 Kornuten:

Me in the tub:

Can’t get enought water XD

Dry again with our certificates

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