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This photographer has so much potential, more than even her gallery shows
- but her talent is obvious to anyone who looks through it.
TheDeviantAwards, 2009

Kiara Black was born in September 1986 and was raised up in a small village in Germany. She made her advanced technical college entrance qualification - specialisation Design in 2006.
Throughout these years she got in touch with professional photography.
Her parents bought her very first analog camera and she started out with photographing still lifes, landscapes and animals and started to photograph friends, whom with she did photoshootings nearly every week. That's when her passion was woken for photography. She bought herself a new Camera,
a Canon EOS 400D and uploaded her photos on Flickr under her nickname "Kiara Black", today it is the name of her photography business and she's been published and featured in magazins and on websites all over the world.

Eccentric Edge
Photography Monthly
Professional Photographer
PhotoVogue Italia
World of Photography Vol.2

Kiara Black

Exhibitions | Ausstellungen

September 2010: Photokina 2010, Cologne
Oktober | November 2010: "Kunst in der Stadt", Haiger
August 2012 | April 2013: Hotel Johanneshöhe, Siegen
November 2012: "Kunst in der Stadt", Haiger
Februar 2014 | Mai 2014: Hotel Johanneshöhe, Siegen
Juli2014 | August 2014: Leinenmuseeum, Haigerseelbach
November 2014: "Kunst in der Stadt", Haiger
November 2016: "Kunst in der Stadt", Haiger UPCOMING

Clients & Collaborations

Birgit Pfaff – Stoffe und Design
Isago Couture
Marco Marcu Fashiondesign
Ricarda Haase
Stefanie Joachim – Mode nach Maß
"Wünsch dir was"